Patricia “Patty” Vargas: Grow Your Business and Grow Your Wealth – an Interview with Gary Heldt

June 22, 2022

Patricia “Patty” Vargas was recently interviewed by Gary Heldt on the the Grow your Businesses and Grow Your Wealth podcast. The podcast podcast features some of the brightest and successful minds in business today to discuss tactics for growing your business.

In this is episode, Gary and Patty discussed:

  • Why it’s a mistake to not prepare an estate plan
  • What non-probate assets are
  • The planning techniques people can do to help pass their assets on
  • How an attorney can help their clients tailor their plan to include their important information
  • The importance of reviewing and updating your documents in case of life changes
  • The importance of having a roadmap for your executor

You can listen to the interview on: iTunes  Spotify  Stitcher TuneIn  GooglePlay and YouTube